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Rare Porcelain Backed Vanity Hand Mirror, Brush, Comb Set

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Well, this late 1800's vanity hand mirror, brush and comb set is about as unusual as I've seen. Never before have I acquired such an animated hunt scene as this set depicts.

Antique Victorian porcelain backed hand mirror brush comb set with rare hunt scene gold gilt and Art Nouveau details 

Thank you for taking the time to review these photos and for considering adding this set to your more unique collection of antique vanity pieces.

Antique Rosenthal German lady portrait hand mirror and brush vanity set   Antique Art Nouveau hand mirror brush vanity set pink roses


This "one of a kind" porcelain backed hand mirror, brush and comb set was recently presented at auction and I thought it was just striking. This dresser set is from the late Victorian era, that is, the very late 1800's. It exhibits a rather animated hunt scene and the artwork appears to be hand painted. The 10 point buck is swiftly on the run and staying a few feet ahead of 2 deer hounds. For decades, hunting deer with dogs was very popular and effective but by 1920, all of the Northeastern states had outlawed dog hunting for deer. Nonetheless, this scene illustrates and represents a time when your meat had to be hunted if you wanted to eat. This particular rendition is superbly executed and the set is in overall splendid condition, without damage or significant wear.


The buck and the dogs are hand decorated in a bronzy gold gilt and the subdued forest in the background adds a touch of mystery and intrigue. There are streaks of applied gold gilt throughout the scenery, on the tree branches, on the ground and there is a band of gilt that borders the entire perimeter. The rocks in the center are amazing, their edges feel etched or cut and the rocks appear to be somewhat slightly raised, very different from anything I've seen and I don't know how this effect was achieved but it's fabulous. The hair brush shows only the buck, so we think perhaps he has escaped with his life. The artwork is stunning and in very good condition with only very minimal scratching in a couple of places, not very noticeable at all, you have to tip it to the light to see it. What a marvelous treat to have a comb with this set.


The comb is complete and all intact. The natural bristles on the hair brush are in remarkable condition. The fancy pierced German Silver rims and handles are divine and layered in gold gilt which is intact for the most part. I dare not touch this set, I certainly do not want to polish it. The end of the handles have those sweet recessed and embossed Victorian cherubs. The original beveled mirror still shows a clear reflection but when you pull it away from your face and tilt it, you can see there is some overall fog that is beginning but not too bad for being over 100 years old. I tried to show this through the reflection of our dining light fixture but I think I made it look worse that it really is.  This uncommon antique vanity hand mirror, brush and comb set measures the standard size. The hand mirror is approx. 9 in length and has a 5 inch viewing surface, the comb is 7 inches and the hair brush, which I advertize for decorative use, is proportionately sized. I truly think this antique vanity set will make a superb addition to any collection and add a depth of diversity that is often difficult to find.


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Antique hand mirror brush vanity set roses

Antique Victorian porcelain hand mirror large basket of daisies with butterfly

Antique Art Nouveau vanity mirror brush set porcelain backs with Colonial couple

Antique Art Nouveau German Silver hand mirror brush with Victorian cherubs

Victorian porcelain hand mirror brush vanity set purple white florals fancy rims Art Nouveau handles

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