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Stunning Late 1800's Cloisonné Vanity Hand Mirror Brush Set

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This antique, cloisonné enamel backed, vanity hand mirror and brush set is surely the harder to find and most elusive of the vanity accessory pieces.

Antique late 1800's cloisonne hand mirror brush set with brass figural handles

I can't even remember the last cloisonné set I acquired but it must be at least 15 years ago and this set is by far the nicest I have had the pleasure of handling.

Antique Rosenthal German lady portrait hand mirror and brush vanity set  Art Nouveau antique vanity hand mirror brush set with pink roses and lily of the valley



My photos are very good but there might be a few reflections so please excuse them. The enameled patterns and borders are very intricate and elaborate, offering a complex work of art for the cloisonné enthusiast. It's difficult for me to fully describe this form of art, as there are so many different elements and shapes to the patterns. I think it best just to let my photos speak for me. All photos were taken without flash and the close-up shots were taken with a little overhead lighting so you could see some of the awesome colors better.  This set is full of imagination, very appealing to the eyes and will certainly attract the lady who enjoys something different from the norm. The cloisonné backs are in extremely good condition, you will only see slight imperfection under magnification. Overall, the enameled artwork is quite impressive, stunning to say the least.


These two photos show the hand mirror on the left and the hair brush on the right. As you can see the central theme is that of butterflies and each is different in shape and coloring. You will also notice the differences in the floral applications but the main borders are alike and coordinate the 2 pieces. The brass rims around the cloisonné backs are intricately etched as well and create a flow with the artwork. The rims have a sparkle, as they appear to be somewhat cut and faceted. The rims are in splendid shape and I find very little in the way of dents, nearly nothing at all.


The brass handles are richly ornate and the perfect complimentary hardware for such exotic vanity accessories. They boast fan shaped designs, butterflies, palm branches and Asian ladies holding their hand mirrors decorated with birds. Yes, it just seems the details are endless on this set. Both sides of each handle are decorated in this manner, simply divine, really can't asked for anything nicer. I have cleaned and polished the brass for you, to the best of my ability, it is fabulous like gold gilt and the handles are in impeccable condition. There may be a bit of stubborn tarnish hear and there but nothing really very noticeable, certainly not dark looking, overbearing or unattractive in any way.


These 2 close-ups give you a great sense of all the work that went into creating these pieces. The mirror is perfectly clear, no damages but there is no bevel at the outer edge so that would mean the mirror has been replaced. That does not surprise me, as most cloisonné mirrors tend to be not very usable. The natural bristles on the brush are amazingly thick, full and longer than I am accustomed to seeing. I have gently cleaned the bristles for you, they are looking very nice but I advertize these antique hair brushes for decorative use only, even if they can be used, I cannot guarantee they will hold up to usage. The hand mirror measures 9½ in length, the viewing surface is 5¼ by 3¼ inches wide and the brush is proportionately a little smaller. This  antique cloisonné enamel backed hand mirror brush dresser set is sure to be a pleaser for a very fortunate lady, it has a persona of complexity and an essence of opulence. Please consider it today, don't hesitate too long, I have not had a set like this for a long time.


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Victorian hand mirror with brass loop handle and apple blossoms

Antique hand mirror brush vanity set roses

Antique Limoges porcelain hand mirror, matching dresser tray and hair comb by William Guerin ca. 1900



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