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Art Nouveau porcelain vanity hand mirror with scenic couple 

Art Nouveau Figural Scenic Vanity Hand Mirror, ca. 1895 - 1905

This is a charming and romantic antique boudoir hand mirror,
depicting a special time between a Victorian couple, wearing
period costuming, in a terrace garden scene with birds and doves,
transfer decorated artwork has good coloring on a white ground,
paint is lovely with very minor scratching on close inspection,
porcelain back is dome shaped and in damage free condition,
secure brass plated rim has age worn to a mostly silver tone,
brass handle exhibits Art Nouveau deeply embossed designs,
rim has small denting, all metals have been cleaned and polished,
original beveled mirror has clear reflection but shows some aging,
overall in respectable condition with age appropriate small flaws,
please consider this beauty for your vanity or give as a special gift.
click on the photo to review more details about this hand mirror.

Item  4-610 G               $295.00    Now $235.00         
Place Order via Email

You save 20% on this antique hand mirror and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique Art Nouveau hand mirror brush vanity set with fairy sitting on the cliff 

Rare Antique Porcelain Hand Mirror Brush Vanity Set, ca. 1895-1905

I absolutely adore this set, one of my all time favorites, for sure,
exceptionally unusual and unique porcelain backed vanity set,
this Art Nouveau era mirror and hair brush has a mythical flair,
uncommon depiction of an eye-catching winged woman or fairy
sitting high atop the edge of a cliff, beautifully dressed and poised,
she is encircled with an abundance of hand applied decorations
including raised white dots, gold gilt leaves and green borders,
splendid brass scalloped rims and deeply embossed handles,
gorgeous natural bristle hair brush is still very likely usable but
as always, I advertized it for decorative use because of it's age,
perfectly clear beveled mirror is a fine quality replacement,
that special someone in your life will be thrilled to receive this set
or treat yourself to this absolutely striking and rare dresser ensemble,
click on the picture to view a photo layout and full description.

Item  4-825 H              Sale Pending        Place Order via Email

You save over 20% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Art Nouveau Dual Portrait Scenic Hand Mirror

Please consider this 1900 porcelain backed vanity mirror,
transfer decorated in a rare dual portrait scene,
mother and daughter surrounded in nature, very sweet,
classic Art Nouveau brass embossed handle and rim,
nice original beveled mirror is clear with small wear,
good antique condition, no damages or metal denting,
some scratches to the artwork, as shown, good color,
a lovely vanity accessory for mother or daughter.

Item  6-129 A           This item is sold, sorry no longer available      Place Order via Email

You save 30% on this antique hand mirror and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique porcelain vanity hand mirror lady castanet dancer 

Rare Castanet Dancer Antique Porcelain Hand Mirror, late 1800's

This vanity hand mirror is a unique and charming accessory in every way,
sports a very unusual full portrait castanet dancer in her blue dress,
great color palette throughout, all on a bright white background,
porcelain back is damage free with hardly a scratch to be found,
transfer decoration is colorful and cheerful with just a tad bit of wear,
exquisite and elaborately embossed golden brass handle and outer rim,
beautifully polished and very clean with no distortions and barely a dent,
perfectly clear beveled mirror, a marvelous treasure you will enjoy,
quite enchanting, click on the photo for more exciting details.

Item  9-715 B                  $325.00    Now $225.00         Place Order via Email

You save over 30% on this antique hand mirror and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique Victorian hand mirror brush vanity set pink yellow roses

Pretty Antique Hand Mirror Brush Vanity Set Pink Yellow Roses

Very attractive antique porcelain backed dresser hand mirror brush set,
delicate sprays of pink and yellow roses decorate the porcelain backs,
soft blue forget-me-nots and Spring greenery add the perfect touch,
golden brass rims and embossed handles are well polished and shine,
sturdy, strong hardware with a little denting to the rims,
original beveled mirror is totally clear with a small spot of wear,
hair brush bristles are clean and complete for decorative use,
no damages, cracks, chips or serious negatives, nice condition,
from the late 1800's to the turn of 1900 with a Victorian flair,
a great addition to your boudoir, or give as a thoughtful gift,
click the photo for more details and pictures of this vanity set.

Item  1-415 A                      $285.00    Now $225.00          Place Order via Email

You save over 20% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique Rosenthal hand mirror brush set hand painted raised gold gilt 

Amazing Rosenthal Stylized Irises Hand Painted Mirror Brush Set

Very unique hand painted stylized irises from the Rosenthal Factory,
late 1800's Victorian era hand mirror and brush vanity dresser set,
stunning depiction with lots of dynamic raised gold gilt highlights,
German silver metal framing with plenty of gold wash remaining,
well cleaned and polished, metal is secure, hardly a dent to notice,
reflective mirror is perfectly clear with a wide outer beveled edge,
hair brush bristles are fairly nice, showing age, for decorative use only,
overall excellent, desirable condition, a delightful dresser set,
no damages to the porcelain backs or any real flaws to detract,
sure to add class to your vanity or make a fabulous gift for the collector,
you won't find another set like this, surely a one-of-a-kind treasure,
click the photo for more pictures and details of this mirror brush set.

Item  4-331 G                  $385.00    Now $295.00         
Place Order via Email

You save over 20% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique child's Art Nouveau porcelain vanity hand mirror roses 1900

Antique Child's Art Nouveau Porcelain Backed Vanity Hand Mirror

Late 1800's to the early 1900's young child's dresser hand mirror,
porcelain is transfer decorated with pink and yellow roses, blue forget-me-nots,
pale brass toned framing is embossed with a classic Art Nouveau design,
outer perimeter rim has an insignificant dent and a lovely raised beaded edge
the original beveled mirror is clear along with some small perimeter wear,
these antique children's porcelain hand mirrors are very hard to find,
so cute and very useable as a purse accessory for those special occasions,
no important flaws with this hand mirror, very acceptable age related issues,
it's wonderful and well safeguarded for over 100 years, a thoughtful gift,
a precious piece of history, click the photos to see more details and pictures.

Item  0-315 C                $225.00    Now $165.00        
Place Order via Email

You save over 25% on this antique hand mirror and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique Art Nouveau vanity hand mirror brush set white pink burgundy large roses ca.1900 

Art Nouveau Porcelain Backed Hand Mirror Brush Set in Radiant Roses

What a stunning and gorgeous vanity mirror and brush set, ca. 1900,
this transfer decorated porcelain backed set was a thrill to acquire,
simply stunning with large white, pink and deep rich burgundy rose,
porcelain is damage free, paint is very good on a white background,
strong Art Nouveau brass handles, one dent/distortion to the outer rim,
clear original beveled mirror showing minor small signs of aging,
natural bristle brush is wonderful and looks like it had little usage,
all elements and metals are highly polished to as fine as possible,
simply lovely in every way, a superior choice for your dressing table,
one of the prettier sets I've found in awhile, extra nice condition,
please click on the photo to review more pictures and details.

Item  2-1130 D                $325.00    $260.00          Place Order via Email

You save 20% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Celluloid mirror brush vanity set with Art Nouveau lady portraits 

Antique Art Nouveau Celluloid Portrait Vanity Hand Mirror Brush Set

From the late 1800's to the turn of 1900 comes this extraordinary and
rare dresser hand mirror and brush set, the best I've acquired in 4 years,
stunning with radiant, bold color tones, artwork depicts a dual portrait
scene with 2 lovely Art Nouveau ladies in flowing risque costuming,
the celluloid backs are in superior condition, no crazing, no lifting,
wee, if anything, even in the way of a scratch, amazing for it's age,
the brass framing is oh so nice, barely a flaw or dent to be found,
the handles are in the mermaid and water lily embossed design,
all metal has been properly cleaned and polished for your enjoyment,
beautiful beveled mirror is perfect, this set is a true treasure,
exquisite antique condition, near pristine, one tiny small blemish,
need I say more, don't forget to click the photo for more fine details.

Item  4-926 A           This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

You save 15% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique Alvin 5 piece sterling silver vanity set hand mirrir 4 brushes ca. ealy 1900

Vintage American Sterling Hand Mirror Brushes Vanity Set

Made by the Alvin Silver Co. during the very early 1900's,
this larger set exhibits the sterling in a gently hammered form,
simplistic textured design, elegant character and fabulous condition,
original beveled mirror is very clear and usable with a few scratches,
four natural bristle grooming brushes for tending to your wardrobe,
brushes are complete and set is polished to a high glistening shine,
center cartouches are initialed in a subtle Art Deco fashion,
no significant flaws, dents or distortions, remarkably well kept,
click on the photo and review a full page of pictures and details.

Item  1-520 H                      $695.00    Now $395.00         Place Order via Email

You save over 43% on this antique set and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **


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Email: or call 660-663-9252 by chance (Phone 9 am - 6 pm ONLY PLEASE Central Time)

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