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Antique Woodenware, Dough Bowls and Primitives
New England Hand Carved Trenchers and Turned Bowls

Vintage Hand Made Wood Bowls in Birdseye and Tiger Maple
Accessories, Utensils, Spoons, Ladles, Bread Boards & Knifes
Wood Spice Containers, Pantry Boxes, Caddies & Holders

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Large antique dough bread bowl 17 inches dark hard wood lathe turned 

Antique Primitive Late 1800's Large Dough Bread Bowl

This early lathe turned dough bowl is hand made of dense wood,
presented in a darker tone of hard wood and in fine rustic condition,
very useful with a generous size of 17 by 16 inches in diameter,
top outer edge has a defined 1 inch lip, lathe lines evident throughout,
a beautiful primitive, well used and cared for condition, minimal flaws,
carries solid significant weight just like a large hard wood bowl should,
click on the photo to see more about this dough bread bowl.

Item  2-322 D                      $395.00    Now $299.00         Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $20.00.

Antique 1800's 18 inch dough bread bowl 

Large Antique Lathe Turned Maple Dough Bread Bowl, Late 1800's

You will admire this fabulous hard wood dough bowl when you receive it,
purchased from a Minnesota estate, it is large and in excellent shape,
masterfully hand turned, solid maple in an outstanding color tone,
wonderful size of 18 by nearly 18 in diameter, sits firm and steady,
stunning condition, no structural damages, natural age and usage,
a fabulous find, click the photos and learn more about this treasure.

Item  3-1019 L                $475.00    Now $385.00          Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $30.00.

Primitive 1800 Pennsylvania trencher 21 inch dough bowl 

Huge 21 inch Pennsylvania Dough Bread Bowl, a Mid 1800's Trencher

This large hand carved dough trencher shapes up to a full 21 inches,
from an ancestral Pennsylvania home, this bowl is very primitive,
from the mid to late 1800's with tons of chop marks and decades
of good honest use, dark solid hard wood with no cracks or lines,
plenty of bumps, nicks, a couple of smoothed down shallow notches,
heavy and age warped, sits firm with a little wobble, a true beauty
with all the character and appeal of an antique primitive trencher,
overall in excellent condition with no damages or structural issues,
click the little photo to learn more about this fabulous dough bowl.

Item  4-926 B               $485.00    Now $425.00         Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $30.00.

Large 16+ inch antique round hand turned dough bread bowl 

Large Primitive Antique Hand Turned Dough Bread Bowl

Antique lathe turned dough bowl from a Michigan farm estate auction,
from the late 1800's, showing all of it's usage, wear and age,
impressive size, 16 by 16 inches, wonderfully out of round,
beautiful 1 inch wide outer lip and hand turned bottom,
multi brown tones, clean, no cracks or damages, some staining,
this handsome bowl holds plenty, click the photos for more details.

Item  9-1117 D             $325.00    Now $259.00      Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $10.00.

Antique 1800's large New England trencher dough bowl 

Large 1800's Antique New England Trencher Dough Bowl

Large wood New England styled trencher from the mid to late 1800's,
all hand carved in an impressive size of 20 by 12 inches wide,
very smoothed from age, natural untouched interior with all the
age appropriate markings of a well kept yet functional bowl,
dry original condition, not oiled or varnished and undamaged
structurally strong, solid integrity, no open cracks, it's a beauty,
warm and inviting light brown tones, ready for decorating or use,
this bowl will be a marvelous addition to any country decor,
take a closer look and click on the photos for more details and pictures.

Item  2-1015 B                 $425.00    Now $375.00        Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $30.00.

Antique early 1900 dough bread bowl 21 inch trencher 

Vintage Maple Oval Trencher Dough Bread Bowl, ca. Early 1900

Wonderful large antique oval trencher dough bowl from the early 1900's,
beautifully hand hewn in medium dark brown auburn maple wood,
comfortable roomy size of 21 by 11 inches, sits steady at approx. 4 inches,
undamaged condition, no cracks, a bit primitive with lots of honest usage,
plenty of personality with notched out under handles for ease of use,
an extra fine bowl, click on the photo for more about this trencher.

Item  3-1019 K              This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email

Antique dough bread bowl late 1800 large 17 - 18 inches 

Large Antique New England Round Dough Bowl Solid Hard Wood

Gorgeous and sturdy hand turned dough bowl from the late 1800's,
this is one gorgeous bowl, hand turned on the lathe, out of round,
sized generously at nearly 18 inches by 17 inches in diameter,
superior hard wood with great coloring in medium brown tones,
strong and stable showing lots of character, cuts marks and honest usage,
no cracks, hairlines or pertinent damage, a very attractive bowl,
beautiful workmanship, click on the photo for more details pictures.

Item  2-524 A              Sale Pending        Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $25.00.

Antique English round bread board lettered ca. 1900

Antique English Carved Bread Board ca. early 1900

Well kept and cared for, this vintage early 1900's English carved
bread board will come in handy on many special occasions,
intended for daily use and made of hard sturdy rock maple,
raised lettering with the word Bread is showing some minor wear,
complementary decorative features for added personality,
obviously used and cut upon but no cracks or serious issues,
12 inch diameter surface has plenty of room for the whole loaf,
very nice condition, click the photo for more details and pictures.

Item  8-627 C                      This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Primitive large antique 1800's Iowa dough bread bowl 18 inches 

Large Primitive Iowa Hand Made Dough Bread Bowl 1800's

This is one of two extra large Iowa dough bowls I recently acquired,
farm fresh and primitive, measuring 18 by 18 inches in diameter,
very old, worn, well used but amazingly no cracks or damages,
no chop marks so this bowl was used for food preparations and dough,
good solid heavy weight, medium dense wood is in untouched raw condition,
a superior decorating home accent piece with much primitive personality,
early workmanship, click the photo for more pictures of this aged beauty.

Item  0-630 D                This item is sold, sorry no longer available        Place Order via Email

Small antique 1800's New England trancher dough bowl 

Small Primitive 1800's New England Carved Trencher Dough Bowl

Wonderfully sized New England trencher bowl for when smaller is better,
18 long by 9 inches wide allows for this bowl to fit in any space,
weighty dense hard wood has been hand carved for optimum appeal,
mid to late 1800's and in heavily used, desirable primitive condition,
no loss of structural integrity, no open or bad cracks, just gorgeous,
fabulous antique bowl, medium heavy weight, tons of personality,
the ultimate in decorating accessories in extra nice condition,
early workmanship, click the photo for more details about this bowl.

Item  2-928 C                  $395.00    Now $335.00        Place Order via Email

Have this bowl shipped before Feb. 14th and save an additional $25.00.


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Question or Purchase:, or call 660-663-9252 (9 am - 6 pm ONLY PLEASE Central Time)

Early 1900 tall splint gathering basket with bail handle and lid

Antique primitive pastry bread dough board

Vintage 1930 - 1940's Tiger maple dough bread bowl

Vintage country farm house old milking stool early 1900's

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