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Antique Beaded Purses
Vintage Beaded Handbags

1800's Victorian, 1900 Art Nouveau & Edwardian Styles
1920's Art Deco & Flapper Era Bags, French Steel & Glass Beads
Micro Beaded Reticules, Knit Swag & Puffy Designs
Made in France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Belgium

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Antique late Victorian micro beaded authentic piecrust micro beaded purse 

Rare, Rare, Rare Piecrust Micro Beaded Purse, ca. Late Victorian

Antique beaded purse, skillfully knit with tiny micro glass beads,
an authentic hand made piecrust design from the late 1800's-1900,
incorporating nine individual pie shaped sections of artistic beauty,
patriotic color palette in primary tones of red, white and blue,
the full and frilly bottom fringes appear completely exceptional,
silver tone arched frame is banded with pierced open workmanship,
interior maintains it original blue fabric lining and gathered trim,
all in extraordinary condition, clean and appearing as if unused,
beadwork is exquisite with no flaws found or negatives to mention,
overall superior condition, no apparent losses or damages, stunning,
an important addition to any collection, offered for the first time in years,
don't forget to click the photo to read and see many more details.

Item  1-45 B                          $1695.00    Now $1185.00        Place Order via Email

You save over 30% on this antique purse and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

1900 French pink steel beaded purse with jeweled frame near pristine 

The Very Best French Pink Floral Steel Beaded Purse, ca. 1900

An exquisite creation, made in France from the approx. 1900 era,
one of the finest French steel beaded handbags with the rare color pink,
Art Nouveau pattern with border is similar in style to a rug design,
truly in divine condition, as near pristine as possible showing wee
signs of aging and no apparent or significant color loss or fading,
this hand woven purse is a masterpiece and comes sewn onto a
bright golden brassy toned frame with green jeweled accents,
full twisted fringes are complete and have been freshly re-strung,
purse and lining are secured to the frame with new threading,
interior fabric is all original and is as good as can be found,
basically clean and has been well stored in a private collection,
an exciting and rare handbag for the avid purse collector,
click on the photo and review more pictures and details.

Item  2-211 A               This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email

You save over 35% on this antique purse and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique miniature amber beaded swag design purse late 1800 early 1900 

Antique Miniature Swag Knit Beaded Dance Purse, Late 1800's - 1900's

This mini vintage glass beaded dance purse is more than just adorable,
it has a unique persona that exudes a sense of Victorian charm,
knit by hand with deep shimmering golden amber glass beads,
background threading is like a golden ecru brownish beige,
knitted and beaded carry wrist strap is secure and in good order,
lovely brass frame is enhanced with open filigree metal work,
interior is lined with a rich brown silk fabric, all clean and perfect,
condition is extra fine, one small mend to a pulled thread on the handle,
no tears, wears, no bead loss and has been professionally cleaned,
click on the photo and see lots more about this little darling.

Item  6-1216 F           This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

You save over 25% on this antique purse and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Early 1900 crystal beaded on black purse drippy swag design 

Admired Knit Swag Designed Crystal Beaded Purse early 1900's

Exquisitely hand knit and beaded swag designed bag incorporating
the popular paneled style with extensive drippy fringe work,
crystal glass beads on a jet black ground makes for a dramatic
contrasting effect, creating an appealing fashion statement,
cut and faceted beading affords much sparkle and elegance,
lined to match the original fabric, trimmed with embroidered lace,
beautiful silver plated frame banded with open pierced filigree,
exceptional undamaged condition, no bead loss, snags or problems,
professionally cleaned, secure to the frame, it's gorgeous,
please click on the photo to see more about this stunning purse.

Item  0-515 B                         This item is sold, sorry no longer available        Place Order via Email

Antique Art Nouveau purple beaded knit swag with portrait frame 

Antique Art Nouveau Beaded Purse with Rare Portrait Frame, ca. 1900

Please click on the photo to examine more of this fabulous handbag,
an Art Nouveau beaded knit swag designed purse at it's very best,
radiant purple lavender beading in vertical swags and looped fringes,
crowned with a rare silver plated Nouveau portrait profile frame,
background threading is a deep rich dark wine purple burgundy,
lined in quality coordinating purple silk and embroidered trim,
professionally cleaned and in overall superb, excellent condition,
an incredible treat for the purse enthusiast, hard to find another.

Item 2-211 B               This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email

Antique Art Nouveau beaded purse lyre design thick fringes 

Vibrant Antique Art Nouveau Glass Beaded Purse, ca. 1900

Fabulous antique hand woven glass beaded purse from the beloved
Art Nouveau era, 1895 - 1905, depicting a dynamic lyre still life scene,
radiant hot pink roses and greenery encircle the central theme,
deep iridescent cobalt blue background beads are multi tinted,
use of color and bead tones are different on each side of the purse,
silver plated frame has embossed garlands and wreath cartouche,
well secured at all points with an accent bead at each sew hole,
amazing thick fringes are lush and complete with original decorative
oval elongated wedding cake beads accentuating the outer sides,
interior has a navy blue cobalt silk lining with ruffled edge,
excellent condition, professionally cleaned, wee if any flaw to find,
as close to pristine as possible, no complaints or apologies,
please click on the photo to explore more details about this purse.

Item  0-1029 C              This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email

You save over 35% on this antique purse and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Victorian 1900 beaded puffy purse with needlepoint center 

Truly Rare 1900 Victorian Beaded Puffy Purse with Needlepoint

It doesn't get much better than this as far as a puffy is concerned,
Victorian era to early 1900's this stunning little purse comes in an
unusual form, I've never seen a beaded puffy with needlepoint centers,
this one, with exceptional color tones, has been professionally cleaned,
crowned with a silver toned filigree pierced frame and clasp, all great,
original silk lining is wearing but has matching clear make-up mirror,
exterior beadwork is sensational, so well kept with a fabulous pattern,
if you only want one puffy in your collection, consider this rare one,
take a closer look by clicking on the photo to see more details.

Item  3-329 A              This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

Antique German blue beaded purse with white wedding bells ca. 1900 1920 

Very Rare and Unusual German Beaded Handbag, ca. 1900

Captivating early 1900's Art Nouveau purse from Germany,
white wedding bells embellished with bezel set rhinestones,
a most unusual beaded handbag with lovely blue background,
signature bead in place with full twisted interlocking fringe,
all original lining intact with pocket and cloth label,
absolutely fine lovely condition, clean, no visible flaws,
please click the photo and review more about this purse,
it may be necessary to refresh the page as I have recently
updated some of the photos.

Item  5-325 D                     $655.00       Now $390.00       Place Order via Email

You save over 40% on this antique purse and free shipping to the lower 48 US states. **

Antique beaded purse with Victorian filigree celluloid frame and long fringes 

Fabulous Antique Beaded Purse, Filigree Frame and Dense Fringes

So very unusual is this ca. 1900 - 1920 antique beaded evening purse,
wonderfully chic, hand made with clear and sea foam green beading,
knit on a tan ivory toned thread with cut and faceted Czech glass beads,
crowned with an exquisitely elegant Victorian filigree pierced frame,
centrally enhanced with a rare variegated green celluloid insert,
finished off with a 3 1/2 inch dense row of fringe all newly restrung,
interior maintains a good, original silk aqua green lining and trimming
with pocket and attached usable oval mirror still shows a fair reflection,
professionally cleaned and attaching threads have been reinforced,
a unique and gorgeous example from the late Victorian to flapper era,
take a closer look, click the photo for more exciting details.

Item  2-211 D             This item is sold, sorry no longer available          Place Order via Email

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