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Antique & Vintage Beaded Purses

Victorian Beaded Handbags, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco,
Knit Beaded Swags, Puffy Designs, 1920's Flapper Bags,
1800's Micro Glass & Steel Beaded, Reticules,
Made in France, Czechoslovakia, & Germany, Italy

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Purse Frames

This vintage Czech purse is tastefully beaded, signed on the frame and created during the early 1900's.  The round glass beads are clean and vibrant, roses are pink, red and brown with two shades of green leaves and additional cobalt and brown florals.  The cut and faceted clear background bead is on an off white tone thread and fabric, showing better in the last photo.  The original cotton lining is completely intact, sound and usable, showing some discolor around the frame and in general but no wear or tear.  The entire purse is very secure to the silver tone embossed frame which exhibits some age darkening as expected but no damage.  All beadwork is present, the fringe is original and complete although I did have to restring a few loose ones.  All said, this lovely purse is in very good condition showing no losses, just a tad bit of aged patina here and there, perhaps a stitch taken at one of the hinges, certainly nothing offensive.  Measuring 11 1/4 by 7 1/8 inches wide, this charming vintage beaded purse gleams in the light.

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Large beaded draw string purse roses & pansies Vintage beaded draw string purse roses & pansies exceptionnally large Large beaded draw string purse roses & pansies srtiking pattern Large beaded draw string purse gorgeous roses & pansies Large beaded draw string purse roses & pansies bottom tassel Large beaded draw string purse roses & pansies original beige lining Large beaded draw string purse roses & pansies excellent condition

I was thrilled to acquire this vintage beaded reticule purse, very roomy indeed, extra large body measuring nearly 10 inches by 9 1/2 wide plus a 2 1/2 inch matching beaded tassel.  Crocheted knit header allows for a cord to be woven for closing and the satiny interior, showing a couple of small mends, is completely usable.   The bold vibrant roses and pansies seem to just pop off the darker beige/gray background, the purse is gorgeous with no problems that I can find.  Medium beading is intact and soundly knit making for a marvelous addition to your accessories, this one will even carry your cell phone.

Item  3-625A        Sold, sorry no longer available          Make an Offer via Email

Czech aqua blue gray glass beaded purse Czech aqua blue gray beaded purse excellent condition Czech aqua blue gray beaded purse fringed bottom Czech aqua blue gray beaded purse embossed frame Czech aqua blue gray beaded purse original lining Czech aqua blue gray beaded purse

I love the combination of these Czech cut and faceted glass beads, charcoal gray with heavy silver overtones and the gorgeous deep aqua? blue is striking indeed.  I believe all elements of this antique beaded purse show beautifully and how nice to have the original cotton type lining with most of the interior beadwork still present, so rare when interiors survive in great shape.  Truly no complaints about this purse, the beading is complete and sound, I only had to take a couple of stitches to secure the purse a bit better to the embossed framing which shows aged patina as expected.   Measuring 8 1/4 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the fringe by nearly 4 inches wide, this purse has been lovingly cared for and will perform well for another 100 years, one to be considered.

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Carnival blue flapper beaded wrist purse Carnival blue flapper glass beaded wrist purse full fringe Vintage carnival blue flapper beaded wrist purse 1920 Carnival blue flapper wrist purse beaded handle fully lined

Traditional never goes out of style, it is a staple in every wardrobe.   Simplistic flapper glass beaded wrist purse sports carnival blue iridescent glass beads and boy do they pick up tons of color.  This beaded purse will be as dependable as your favorite pair of blue jeans and will blend well with any attire.  Fully beaded body with handle, all one piece, comes clean, completely lined and in perfect strong condition with a robust 4 1/2 inch fringe encircling the entire perimeter.   Body only measures about 6 by 6 inches plus the tapered handle and is a must have for your diversified accessories.

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Reticule beaded purse Blue Black Check.JPG (37674 bytes) Reticule beaded purse Blue Black Check2.JPG (62367 bytes) Reticule beaded purse Blue Black Check3.JPG (58370 bytes) Reticule beaded purse Blue Black Check4.JPG (63167 bytes)

This charming checkered reticule (draw string) purse is created with deep cobalt and jet black cut and faceted glass beads.  A striking combination with every strand appearing to be intact and present, no problems that I can detect.  Measuring 9+ inches long by 4 1/2+ wide, this 1920's purse is another wonderful example of that era, very cute and lively.

Item  2-2D        This item is sold     Make an Offer

Antique German Beaded And Needlepoint Handbag

Superb purse, very rare beaded bag, made in Germany,
exquisite details, I have never seen a better example,
central area is hand stitched in a floral silk needlepoint,
sumptuous pink and peach roses with lavender violets,
bordered in sparkling beadwork, like a picture frame,
bottom is fully fringed, matching beads, all intact,
original interior lining, pocket, clean and unused,
bright golden brassy frame, chain link handle,
exceptional condition, hard to find one nicer,
worthy of the finest collection, a beauty, pristine.

Item  7-922 A             This item is sold, sorry no longer available         Place Order via Email

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Email: or call 660-663-9252 by chance (Phone 9 am - 6 pm ONLY PLEASE Central Time)

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