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Antique Glass Beaded Purse 1900 - 1920 Elegant and Chic

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I am excited to offer you this truly exceptional and early 1900's beaded purse. This one captured my attention with it's Victorian attributes and unique persona.

Antique sea foam green beaded purse Victorian filigree frame celluloid insert long fringe

This spectacular example was hand knit using cut and faceted Czech glass beads which are clear on the exterior but emit their variegated amount of color from the interior of the bead.

Emerald green knit swag glass beaded purse 1920 large  


Elegant antique beaded purse with filigree frame and long fringes                    Antique knit beaded purse Victorian fliligree frame

As you can see, this is a interesting example of an early 1900's beaded purse and comes in a very different color. I will call it a sea foam green but when you look at the close-ups of these beads, you will see that they also have some aqua blue as well. However, the overall tone of this purse is a green, not a blue. The beading is worked in a triangular shape and comes to a point at the bottom. The beads are knit on an ivory tan thread which cast that color on the body of the purse. The knitting is in lovely condition, without snags, pulls, wear, tear or other issues to note. This purse carries with a very soft fluid hand and the size will not allow you to carry much, only your very small accessories, such as hanky, lipstick, coin purse or credit card, etc.... And to ensure that you receive a refreshed purse, this bag has been professionally cleaned throughout.

Antique purse with cut faceted Czech glass beads sea foam green  Antique beaded purse with extra long fringe and filigree frame

These close-ups of the beading show the overall tones very well. Even though this purse appears very green, these Czech beads do have a bit of an aqua tone as well. These glass beads are mostly clear on the exterior and emit their colors from the interior and edges of the beads. They are variegated, in that, every bead is different and vary in the placement and depth of color. So there is no pattern, some beads have more color and others have less. The fringe work is gorgeous, lush and dense. I was concerned that some fringes might let go after you received this purse, so I took the liberty of passing a needle and double thread through these roughly 10,000 beads. It's not to say that these fringes can't break but they won't be letting go because of aging threads.

Antique beaded purse Victorian filigree frame  Vitorian filigree beaded purse celluloid insert

This wonderful beaded purse is mounted onto a fabulous Victorian styled filigree frame. This frame is the epitome of the Victorian era, having exquisite pierced detailing with an intricate form of workmanship that affords this purse a beautiful Victorian flair. The metal appears as antiqued brass but I can't say for sure what the metal content is. The central arena encapsulates a molted green celluloid insert. I have never seen this attribute on a frame before and since the French were well known for using celluloid, this may very well be a French made purse. In any case, this frame is the perfect crown for this fascinating work of art. Both sides of the frame are identical and I am showing them in my photos so you can see how really lovely it is.


The ball closure pushes through the fancy upper clasp and closes this purse securely. The frame suffers no breaks or damages, perhaps a tiny slight bend to the upper clasp but nothing that is obvious, distracting or defames the integrity of the clasp. The purse is well attached to the frame. There were several broken and dried attaching threads when I acquired this purse so I re-sewed everything that needed it with double threading, in fact, most of the stitches securing this purse to the frame are new.  The interior maintains it's original aqua green silk lining and edge trimming. There is a single small pocket and an attached oval mirror that, although is aging, still shows a usable reflection. This purse measures as follows: the body of the purse is 9 1/2 inches from the top of the clasp to the bottom point, the fringe adds another 3 1/2 inches to the length, making this purse 13 inches from end to end. It is about 6 inches across it's widest part, 4 1/2 inches across the hinges and the brassy toned chain handle drops the purse by 6 inches. This is a delightfully unique early 1900's glass beaded and knitted purse that will be an attraction in any collection or sure to turn eyes when carried. It has been well cared for and preserved for about 100 years, consider giving it a loving home and preserving it's splendor for decades to come.

                    Antique Victorian 1900 to 1920 beaded purse

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