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French Beaded Pastel Evening Purse for Saks Fifth Avenue

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Well this elegantly feminine, French beaded evening handbag really caught my attention with it's intricately beaded pastel pattern, heaping in a wealth of micro glass beadwork.

Vintage 1930 French beaded evening purse enameled frame Saks Fifth Avenue

This exceptionally well designed, fashionable vintage creation was made by hand, in France, during the 1930 era, for Saks Fifth Avenue of New York.

Vintage Josef gold beaded evening handbag on a Hobe jeweled frame   Josef 1930 1940 beaded evening purse elegant handbag


Saks Fifth Avenue French intricately beaded pastel evening purse  French pastel paisley beaded evening bag Saks Fifth Avenue

This extraordinary wardrobe accessory will amaze you when it's in your hands. It is full of personality, feminine appeal and it has all of the expressive characteristics of the vintage Parisian beaded evening handbags. This particular example is especially mesmerizing with it's tiny micro beadwork, executed in a raised and dimensional pastel paisley pattern, highlighted and outlined with bright gold French metal beads. I can't really say that there is a background color to this purse and you can see why, the all over pattern does not give way to a background shade. And don't think I over edited these photos, they are very good and show you exactly what to expect in terms of color depth.  This is one of those purses that is easy to love, especially if you are a girly girl and love the ultimate in femininity. This purse has been professionally cleaned and completely refreshed, it is near pristine in overall appearance, actually, I don't see any negatives whatsoever.

French beaded evening bag rare enameled frame  

The brass etched frame is as much a work of art as the purse is. Since I have never seen this type of rare enamel work before, I hardly know how to describe it, so I will let my photos speak for me. I assume that the enameling is layered over an elevated piece of some sort but I really don't know for sure, except that the overall look is quite alluring. And all those tiny little set-in pearls in pinky peach, ivory and turquoise are an added treat, to say the least.  The etching on the frame resembles the Art Deco theme, so I am convinced that this purse is no younger than the 1930 era but it could very possibly be from the 1920's. The central clasp on the frame lifts up to open and snaps closed as it should. The purse pops open from the pressure of the items carried within. And I know this because I have the purse stuffed with tissue and it is the pressure of the tissue paper that pops this style of purse open for ease of use. All elements of this purse are secure to the frame, the entire purse is magnificent.


There are thousands and thousands of tiny glass beads covering this bag, all snugly stitched together, with all-over heaping dimension. There must be one or 2 missing somewhere but nothing that stands out or that I have noticed. This evening handbag carries with a medium hand but is not overly stiff. The fully beaded and coordinating handle is, however, very stiff, since it is structure with something on the interior to maintain a specific half circle shape. I rather like it but there are a few beads missing on one end where it meets the purse. I tried to replace them but I can't get a needle to penetrate the handle so I will leave well enough alone, as these few missing beads take nothing away from this remarkable beauty. The interior ivory satin lining comes with 2 pockets, a stenciled label and a cloth label. It is in gently used respectable condition and suffers no tears. This purse, stuffed with tissue, measures 5 inches in total height by 9 inches across the bottom, 6 1/4 inches across the frame, the side gusset is 1 1/2 inches or so in depth and the handle drops the purse by 4 1/2 inches. I don't find many of these ultra exquisite vintage French beaded evening bags that are this spectacular, this one is truly worth considering, it's the epitome of feminine eloquence. I do believe this one will go rather quickly.

  Vintage 1930 French Saks Fifth Avenue beaded evening bag

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