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Truth and Honesty

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Suffer not the Little Children
Matthew 19-14

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Ephesians 4:32

Poem, The Spirit Within
Romans 8:5

Jesus the fragrant offering
Ephesians 5:2

Jesus is the Way John 14:6

God's love John 3:16

Trusting God Psalm 137:3-4

Praising God Psalm 138:1-3

Poem, If the Lord permits
1Cor 16:7

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Good works without faith will not gain you entrance into heaven.  James 2:26

Recently my parents told me about their friend whose wife is a challenge to live with.  They said, " If our friend doesn't get into heaven for what he puts up with, no one will."  I tried to explain that good deeds won't get anyone into heaven,
no matter how good they are.

God's Ten Commandments teach us what sin is.  Is there one of us that can truly say, "I've never done anything wrong?"  If you say, "I've never sinned", then you are liar.  It is impossible for humans not to sin.  We may not want to sin but we do anyway because of our selfish desires and we are born with a sinful nature from our forefather Adam.  Our trespasses separate us from God forever, hence, our eternal home will be hell.  God is pure and holy, we are not, we simply don't deserve to be in His presence.  

Thankfully, we have a God that provides for our way to heaven.  He asks only that we believe in His Son Jesus, follow Him and love our Lord with all of our hearts.  He wants our faith and our love.  In return, we get eternal heaven.  Why then would people rather trust in a world that allows them to destroy the unborn and adapt to lifestyles that exist outside God's design for human living?  Sadly, many reject their Creator.

My parents do good things and they are law abiding people.  I pray they desire to love, honor and obey God and have faith in the Lord Jesus.  I pray for God's grace, that His great mercy softens their hearts, so that by faith, they choose His free gift of everlasting eternal life with Him.  I am going to heaven, I want them with me.  To think of anything less grieves me.

I plead with you, please pray for my parents as I pray for you, thank you and may the Lord keep you safe, Carol

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