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Desirable Vintage Crocheted Table Cover

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Please review this stunning vintage table topper in the desired pineapple pattern, from the 1920 - 1930's era.

This hand crocheted pattern is a long time favorite and this table accessory will service your needs with charm and eloquence.


The photos are showing a good representation of what you should expect with the color being an antiqued ivory tone, not quite as deep in tone as ecru, somewhere in between.  It appears to be crocheted with a dual tone of threading offering a very subtle approx. 1 inch narrow band of a lighter whiter toned thread. From the center, it runs through and around the third row of the pineapple pattern, very pretty and lively but not all that noticeable.  There is a small discoloration, smaller than the size of a quarter, visible towards the top of the third photo at about 12:30. After I took the photos, I decided to hand launder the piece in a Woolite wash and that faded the spot quite a bit.  Now the topper is a bit brighter and carries only a scent freshness.  I believe another wash will fade the spot even more, if not take it away completely. 


I love this pattern, it has a lot of eye appeal and the design is very fluid for either your bedroom or living areas.  This piece has nice size and measures approx. 49 inches or so across. If this topper were to lay on a 44 inch table, the outer points would hang over the edge of the table.  Structurally it is in perfect condition, I found no flaw to mention.  Often times these toppers are used with another color underneath, this piece would look outstanding used in that way or just simply atop a nice antique dark oak table.  This vintage accessory has been stored away for a long time, just recently unpacked, I think it's about time you put it to some use. 


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